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Stampings Affect The Quality Of The Factors
Nov 16, 2017

Design defects of 1. flanging forming die

The mold for the first mock exam double cavity left / right piece of public, because this process in addition to the contents of flanging, and shape forming, and the product is complex and special, curved surface is narrow, forming a concave mould core material request and forming surface character, mold structure forming conditions lead to large stroke, pressing a small area. In the initial design of the mold, only considering the characteristics of the binder, ignoring the pressing core forming guide slide stroke.

2. there is an error in the design of the mould processing parts and drawings

This part is marked in the drawing area which needs to be processed. But because of the complex core surface, the die is machined after the forming of the casting, and then the gap between the working surface and the concave die guide surface is formed. The left and right swing of the press core is found during the normal operation of the die.

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