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Stamping Die Surface Finishing Method
Nov 16, 2017

In order to improve the strength of stamping die, the final process of stamping die production needs to finish the die surface, so as to eliminate the small cracks on the surface of the die, and prevent the damage of the stamping die when the crack is amplified by the powerful impact force of the press. The following describes several commonly used stamping die finishing method.

1. manual polishing, surface processing method of the traditional mold, mainly rely on the operator's experience and technology, manual polishing is time-consuming, low efficiency, complicated surface polishing or pointing difficult to handle.

2. mechanical finishing grinding. The common grinding equipments are surface grinder, internal and external grinding machine, tool grinder. In order to ensure accuracy, CNC machining is generally used. According to the different parts of the shape to choose the right type of grinder, plate type parts using surface grinder, cambered surface and rotary surface parts using internal or external grinder or tool grinder.

3. mechanical finishing CNC milling machine. In this way, the stamping die surface processing method has the advantages of no machining efficiency, good processing quality, and can be competent in other aspects except for the cavity with an acute angle and a very narrow and deep cavity. Abroad has become the mainstream of stamping die processing technology, China is also actively developing.

4., there are some non mechanical finishing methods, such as ultrasonic machining, EDM polishing, laser finishing, chemical polishing, electrochemical polishing, etc..

According to the characteristics of stamping die and the difficulty of machining accuracy, the mould factory should choose the proper finishing method to save the cost and improve the production efficiency.

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