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Instruction Book For Ordinary Milling Machine
May 18, 2018

Instruction book for ordinary milling machine

1. opening:
Turn on the optical ruler, and the three axis signals of X, Y and Z appear.
Name of the electrical meter box on each side, switch the main power to "ON" and open the "ENERGENCY" key on the panel.
The spindle turns to "FOR" and reverses to "REV" position.
The bed lifting handle is placed at "OFF" for manual operation, and is automatically opened. The "UP" button on the lifting table of the bed is raised, and the "DOWN" is falling.
The "PRESET" key lamp is lit, the black handle on the spindle is shifted to STAND.BY direction, and the spindle is running according to the "START" key.
The spindle stops, the handle is moved to the middle direction, and the brake is pushed to the left "BARKE".
The main shaft is high and low gear shift. There are L on the top right side of the spindle, H dial L for low gear, dial H for high gear, spindle speed is fine tuned on the panel.

2. shutdown:
On the top of the spindle, the handle is shifted to the middle direction to stop. Dial to the left "BRAKE" as the brake.
The main switchover to "OFF"
Closing the power supply for the optical ruler of the machine

Matters needing attention:
1. before you operate the machine, you need the "PRESET" button to turn on the light.
2. when the main shaft is running, the lubricating oil indicating window must pay attention to whether there is oil circulation. The oil level must be kept between H and L, replacing R68 oil once a half year.
3. the oil level of the automatic lubrication system must be kept at the highest oil level of MAX.
4. high speed H can not be rotated by low speed L in the operation of the spindle.
5. the machine suddenly broke down, and immediately pressed the "PREST" button to turn off the power.

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