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Guide Book For Jogging Silk Thread Cutting
May 15, 2018

Guide book for jogging silk thread cutting

1. opening:
Turn the power supply of the regulator to ON, and the total switch of the machine will reach ON.
Press down the SOURCE switch, wait for 2~3 minutes until the coordinate system is black font.
Press down POWER switch to ON
Limited mobile G81X-Y-Z+U-V-
Clean up the bed and correct the vertical wire
Water air movement
Workpiece installation and table correction
Position, location and location
Input program and drawing
Processing preparation (hydraulic fluid volume adjustment)
Processing by drawing
After processing, remove the workpiece from the bed, and detect the inch method.
Clean the bed to ensure its cleanliness

2. shutdown:
Transfer the picture to manual (no code)
Press down the POWER switch to OFF (not bright) and wait for the aerodynamic deceleration of the guide rail.
Press down the SOURCE switch to OFF (not bright) and wait for the machine to turn off.
Shut down the machine to OFF
Drop the total power of the machine to OFF

Matters needing attention:
1. machine head collision or machine 2~3 days are not used, the perpendicularity of the line should be adjusted.
2. check whether the water quality of the machine is 5*104ecm. (5.0-10.0*104ecm is normal).
3. filter pressure will be too low (filter pressure is 0.2kg/cm2 normal).
4. turn off at least 15 seconds after the shutdown.
5. when processing the workpiece with waste, the program must be suspended before cutting, and the processor can not leave the machine when the material is falling. When the waste is not taken out, the machine head is prohibited and the workpiece should be dismantled.
6. when the workpiece has loose entry, it is necessary to fill the bottom of the workpiece with the bottom of the workpiece, and then stick the glue. If the bottom is not flat, the bottom should be raised to prevent the crash.

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