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Working Instruction For Operation Instruction Center Of Stamping Die Factory
May 14, 2018

Working instruction for operation instruction center of stamping die factory

In order to realize the fine management, the stamping die enterprise makes the corresponding guide books (machining center, wire cutting, electric spark, grinder, lathe, milling machine, polishing, etc.), implements the standardized production process, avoids the improper operation machine and prolongs the service life of the machine.
1. The instruction book of the processing center

1. opening:
Turn the power to ON (open) after opening.
After waiting for the initialization process, press CE button to cancel Power interrupted (power interruption) and ITC intelligent thermal compensation function.
Open the front door of the machine, close the front door of the machine, and press the on / off key.
Press the start button to perform three, Z, Y, X axis origin reset actions.
Wait for the spindle to pre lubricate (79Prelubrication Spindle Active). After ten minutes, the alarm will be relieved naturally.

2. shutdown:
In manual state, press the page key to find the OFF (shutdown) icon and press it.
Wait for a prompt dialog box "Now you can switch off the TNC or press the END key (turn off the power or press the keyboard reset button)", turn off the power to the rear position

3. emergency stop:
There are 3 emergency stop switches on the machine. In case of emergency or unable to stop, the machine can be stopped according to the emergency stop.
Emergency stop reset: rotate emergency stop switch, press CE button to cancel alarm.

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