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Wide Application Of Stamping Products
Apr 24, 2018

Because of the advantage of stamping, stamping processing is widely applied in various fields of national economy. For example, in aerospace, aviation, military, machinery, machinery, machinery, electronics, information, railway, post and telecommunications, transportation, chemical, medical equipment, daily electrical appliances and light industry and other departments have stamping processing. It is not only used by the whole industry, but also directly linked to stamping products. There are many large, medium and small stampings on aircraft, trains, cars and tractors. The car body, frame and rim are all processed by stamping. According to the survey and statistics, 80% are stampings in bicycles, sewing machines and watches; TV sets, recorder, and 90% are stampings; food metal cans, steel fine boilers, enamel bowls and stainless steel tableware are all stamping products using moulds; even the hardware of the computer is not enough. Press parts.

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