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Automotive Stamping Parts Of The Material Performance Requirements
Nov 16, 2017

1. Requirements for material performance of car compartment parts

The shape of car parts of the automobile is not too complicated, most of the roll forming process of, rigidity, corrosion resistance and weldability has certain requirements of the forming material, typically used to form good performance and high strength steel welding, usually using the strength level of 300-600MPa high strength steel with ultra-fine grain steel.

2. Requirements for material performance of automobile cab parts

The cab car parts are covered, complex shape, forming complex, but less force by die forming process, forming properties of materials has become a major contradiction, so the requirements of the material has the formability, Zhang Jingang, extensibility, dent resistance, corrosion resistance and weldability etc.. In product design, steel plate varieties are usually selected according to the force condition and shape complexity of plate parts.

Low carbon cold rolled steel sheet and ultra-low carbon cold rolled steel sheet are widely used. In recent years, excellent in formability, high strength phosphorus cold-rolled steel plate, cold-rolled steel plate, high arch Tong of cold rolled dual phase steel sheet, cold rolled steel, bake hardening of ultra low carbon steel high strength cold rolled steel plate and other types of steel such as coated steel plate, welded steel plate and TRIP steel, has been applied to the outside of the door board, door panels, door reinforcing plate, car roof, trunk lid and bumper car body parts.

3. Requirements for material properties of automobile frame parts

Frame, car plate and for supporting and connecting parts, are the most important components, most of the mold forming process, material with high strength and good ductility, fatigue and durability, collision energy absorption ability and weldability, general selection of formability of high strength steel, good fine the grain plate (intensity level in 300-610MPa) and ultra high strength steel (level 610-1000MPa).

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