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Auto Parts Mold Making Materials Selection Principles
Nov 16, 2017

With the development of the automobile industry, the automotive parts mold as the rapid development of the sub industry in the mold industry, more and more attention to mold factory. A car to use a total of 1500 molds, then these molds in the manufacture of materials on whether there is a different requirement?.

Parts selection materials for automobile parts and moulds

1. if the shape of a simple small car parts mold, you can choose carbon steel mold

2. in the production of more complex modeling of large automotive parts mold should choose tool alloy steel material.

3. if the die for automobile parts requires long service life and high cutting precision, it is necessary to rotate the hard alloy steel material.

Casting carbon steel is needed for 4. large panel car body mould.

In addition to the guide pillar, the guide sleeve requires high quality low carbon steel or bearing steel, the other parts and components of the mould can be made of high quality medium carbon steel.

The correct selection of automobile parts manufacturing materials is of great significance for enterprises to save production costs and improve economic benefits.

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