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Stamping Dies Have Entered The Golden Period Of High Speed Development
Apr 27, 2018

Stamping dies have entered the golden period of high speed development

The total production of stamping dies in China is now at the forefront of the world, and has begun to transform from a large importer of mould into a mould exporting country. According to Luo Baihui, the Secretary General of the International Model Association, there are more than 30 thousand mould production enterprises in our country, with about 1 million employees, 124 billion yuan in 2012, two in production and sales, and the production, quality and level have been further improved, especially in the development of automobile manufacturing and IT manufacturing, which have promoted the improvement of mould grade and excellent model. The manufacturing equipment provides guarantee for the improvement of mould technology level. China's Die & mold industry is experiencing a "golden development stage" and will continue to grow rapidly for some time to come.

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