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Affect The Service Life Of Cold Stamping Die In Four Forms
Nov 16, 2017

Cold stamping die is mostly installed on the press, the deformation of the sheet metal placed at room temperature, so that it produces deformation, so as to obtain a certain shape, size and performance of the special parts of the special tools.


Cold stamping die convex and concave die in the process of use, the sudden emergence of damage, fracture and cracks and other phenomena. Because the mold convex and concave mold is subjected to pressure the biggest part in stamping work, so die punch and die in stamping process, there will be broken, the main reason is that the heat treatment (quenching or improper disposal of excellent hardness is too deep, the gap is too small) design etc. will cause the mold punch and die breakage, fracture and fracture. The fracture of the die and the die of the die, some of which are partial damage, we can continue to use after repair, some of them are broken or damaged, or they are completely damaged and can not be repaired, and the new punch or die should be used after the design.


The shape and deformation of the punch and die of the cold stamping die have changed in use, and the geometric shape of the machined parts has been changed, thus affecting the dimensional accuracy and shape requirements of the machined parts. This is contrary to the case of fracture, mainly due to the hardness of the convex and concave die quenching in the process of heat treatment is not enough or the quenching hardness layer is too shallow, so that the convex and concave die in the process of stress deformation.


The wear of the cold stamping die between the convex and concave die and the processed material is caused by frequent friction between the die and the material for a long time. Because of the long time friction between the convex and concave die and the processed material, the large quantity of blanking parts for long time, the burr of the cutting parts is too large (the clearance is too large), the convex concave clearance is too small, and so on, all of which are the important reasons causing the part of the convex and concave die edge wear. Such as convex, concave die edge blunt, angular change garden and so on.

Bite wounds

Cold stamping die convex and concave die gap adjustment uneven assembly, convex and concave die adjacent edge gnawing each other, resulting in convex and concave die edge bite. In the process of die assembly, the convex and concave die position deviation, uneven gap, the installation of non oriented mold, the convex and concave die gap adjustment is not appropriate, and the convex and concave mold bite each other damage.

The Toolox series is a kind of material with high toughness and high wear resistance, a new tool of pre hardened steel without stress. And has a very high degree of purity, grain size is very fine, S, P content is very low, the carbide content less precipitation, and very uniform. The design of special components the Toolox series of surface treatment materials have very excellent performance, the surface hardness can reach more than HRC65 Toolox44 Toolox40 after nitriding, the surface hardness can reach more than HRC62, the surface hardness of the Toolox33 can reach more than HRC58. The depth of up to 1.8mm.

Toolox series of materials have the above characteristics, making Toolox series materials applied in some stamping die has a special advantage, to solve the problem of fracture, deformation, wear, gnawing and other issues.

1) thick steel plate (typical case punching thickness of 35mm steel), stainless steel, and non-ferrous metal plate stamping mold, is the typical fin mould.

2) drawing die, stainless steel drawing die

3) cold extrusion die. Cold extrusion 304 stainless steel, thickness more than 0.5mm, replace DC53 and other materials, the effect is very good

4) large stamping templates with high dimensional stability requirements

Note: Toolox material must cooperate with the appropriate surface treatment, high toughness of Toolox matrix material, with the high hardness of the upper surface layer, in order to achieve excellent results.

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