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What are the advantages of metal stamping parts
Nov 16, 2017

Metal stamping parts mainly through punch and die plate, village material, etc., make it deformation, separation, so as to get the metal stamping parts we want, in comparison with castings, forgings, metal stamping parts have thin, uniform, light, strong and so on.

Metal stamping parts can produce rib, rib, stamping or rolling flanging with other methods are difficult to manufacture, in order to improve its strength and toughness, if the workpiece precision molds, precision, and high accuracy of repetition, specifications, can punch a hole nest boss etc..

If the multi position continuous die is used, hundreds of pieces can be produced per minute, and the processes of feeding, stamping, discharging and waste discharging can be finished in a short time. The stamping parts of metal are no longer processed by cutting, or only need a small amount of cutting.

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