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Stamping die and die casting mold difference
Nov 16, 2017

The level of mold design and manufacturing process reflects the level of a country's manufacturing, but also reflects the ability of a country's new product development.

There are many kinds of moulds, and the stamping die and die casting die are introduced below

Definition of stamping die and die casting die:

Stamping die: cold stamping die and hot stamping die, at room temperature, the stamping die installed in the press or punch, use their strong pressure on the stamping of raw materials, to obtain the desired shape of the product parts. The precision of the product parts is completely affected by the design structure and manufacturing process of the stamping die. Die casting die: die casting is a special product forming process.  The metal liquid enters the die casting mold cavity of the die casting machine at low speed or high speed. With the cooling of the metal liquid, the die mould is pressed by the active cavity surface to forge the product parts meeting the requirement without burrs.

The difference between stamping die and die casting die:

1. forming method is different, stamping die generally belongs to shear molding, the use of press material pressing shear molding. The die casting mould belongs to the forming mould, and the cavity is filled with metal liquid, and the pressure is slowly applied during the cooling process.

2. the object of operation is different, the stamping die is solid metal, and the die casting mould is liquid metal.

3. the specifications of the operation object are different, and the size of the parts produced by the stamping die is generally smaller, and the larger parts can be produced by the die casting die.

4. the cost of production is different, die casting mold products need extra processing, such as polishing, chrome plating. Therefore, the production cost is about 30% higher than the stamping die stamping product cost.

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