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Factors affecting the processing efficiency of the machine tool processing
May 18, 2018

Factors affecting the processing efficiency of the machine tool processing

There are many factors that affect the efficiency of WEDM. If there is a low efficiency in processing, two factors can be considered.
(1) under the restriction of parts structure and clamping, it can not effectively rush to high pressure water.
Then we can see whether the cutting parts can be improved from clamping. Some parts are supported by the support clamp and the bottom is raised. Some parts are affected by the position of the press plate and the clamping screw. The nozzle has to be raised, and the operator is afraid that the nozzle does not drop the upper nozzle to the lowest point. If the low surface is raised, it is possible to use fixtures on the same plane as the fixture supporting surface and the working surface, or to directly clamp the workpiece onto the work surface.
The screws are affected by the screw press and the clamp clamp is used to see if the parts can be used. For the operator, the feeler gauge for the 0.1mm is required to be done as required. For parts that are not effectively flush with high pressure water due to structural limitations, cutting energy can only be reduced, so we must have a correct understanding of cutting efficiency.
(2) correlation of wire system
1) it is necessary to check whether the cooling water of the conductive block is normal. In particular, whether the cooling water of the lower conductive block is available, because the cutting process will drop the end of copper, after long use of the machine, it may clog the cooling water of the conductive block or even the flushing of the lower nozzle, so it should be cleaned and dredged.
2) the rotation of the lower guide wheel on the lower arm is flexible. Check and clean;
3) whether the rewinding wheel is normal;
4) check the tension and wire speed of the wire and adjust it if necessary.
5) check and clean the guide wire and the conductive block.

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