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Programming details for jogging silk
May 15, 2018

Programming details for jogging silk

1. how to do the wireless mark at the entrance?
(1) arc out of arc in shape;
(2) inner hole: you can get the knife from the sharp corner. The original closed hole can be changed to open type; and the cutting line of each knife is located in different position (try not to set the cutting).

2. how to make the corner (clear angle), what are the methods?
(1) figure clear angle;
(2) compensation clearance angle. Graphic clear angle is in advance in the graphic processing, drawing clear angle; compensation clear angle is in the concave corner is a very small R angle, about 0.09mm (0.25mm line), so the line cutting, because the R angle is too small, it will cause over cutting, and can also achieve the purpose of clearing the angle.


3. how to prevent deformation?
(1) to prevent deformation, first of all, the material must have no internal stress, especially the internal stress of quenched material is large, so tempering and stress relief must be carried out.
(2) line cutting process to prevent.
1) select the appropriate cutting position and support position. If the selection is in the wrong place, the supporting part of the material will become fragile and result in deformation. If the support is selected in a more strong place after the opening, it is right.
2) make a few more support. Especially in the shape of cutting punch, insert and so on, if a large or long workpiece is encountered, some support should be done, not one, which can effectively prevent deformation.
3) when the shape is cut, the wire cutting will be greatly improved if the wire drawing is changed into deformation.

4. how to make the high thickness material conform to the same size or shape in the hole?
(1) raising the wire speed and increasing the line tension slightly.
(2) when the knife is repaired, the first knife is repaired a few times, which is to repair the first knife (because this knife is mainly repaired, and the rear is to repair the light and clean degree).
(3) if middle convex or concave, most machine tools can be adjusted in electrical parameters (usually adjusting servo voltage SV).
(4) if the cone is cut out (one big or small or the opposite), it can be corrected by cone compensation, that is to add taper (general 0.002mm) in the program.

5. how to do chip free machining and how to do it?
(1) some wire cutting software has this function, which directly coils around the hole.
(2) in programming, a few more cutters are cut and control is used to control it. This way is more flexible, because if the cutting speed is too slow or not ideal, the corrections can be changed at any time to correct.

6. what are the methods for wireless head processing? What do you do with a small punch?
(1) when the shape is cut, after the knife is finished, the copper is stuck around, and then the glue is dripped and the glue can not be dripped too much. If too much will cause short circuit, the support section will be cut off at the end. This method is generally not recommended for small or large pieces of work, too small the glue will short, too large the workpiece will be. Because of its own weight, it will drop after cutting.
(2) that is two times clamping, for larger or bulk, reclamped and repaired support parts. For small batch workpieces, cutting holes can be cut so that efficiency can be effectively enhanced.

7. when cutting the precision terminal mold, how should we do to ensure accuracy and location?
When cutting the precision mold, especially the template, it is necessary to carry out the overall opening, that is, cutting all the holes first. Then finish the flat finish, because the surface of the template will be slightly deformed when it is opened.

8. how to calculate the angle between the male and female modules and how to calculate the angles?
Common mother mold common: (a knife cut compensation X2- single side gap) / (plate thickness - the common model blade - the mother die blade) of the anti sine, to pay attention to the general case is the cut cone.
Internal and external sharing: there are two forms
1) step ladder (most of this);
2) angle control, which is almost the same as the female die, but not straight.

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