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Stamping mold care needs to choose the right mold care products.
May 14, 2018

Stamping mold care needs to choose the right mold care products.

Normal mold maintenance practice is to wait for mold cooling, and then clean the mold (because the injection mold surface with acid, do not clean the mold rust agent is very easy to produce rust to the inside and outside), spray rust inhibitor, mold, the mold out of the plastic machine storage. The next time the normal injection is not necessary to clean the mold before, to avoid increasing production costs due to the use of a large number of mold cleaning agents. The intention of the end user is to take the antirust oil on the mold as the first product as long as the mold temperature is low, and the surface of the rear product will not stick to the residual rust inhibitor on the mold. This avoids a lot of waste.
Transparent mold antirust agent wax and oil antirust agent, we first make a comparison: oil transparent mold antirust agent is the shortcomings of the basic is not dry, oil flicker on the one layer, in case of erasing will produce rust marks, some products still flow, antirust period is short.
The antirust agent of wax transparent mold sprays rapidly to form a layer of compact semi dry protective soft film, which has five major functions of anticorrosion, rust prevention, dehumidification, lubrication and strong penetration. Super permeability and adsorbability can form unique moisture and air replacement components on the surface of the mold and all kinds of metal surfaces to prevent various disadvantages. The erosion of metal surface by factors can achieve long and comprehensive corrosion and rust prevention. It is suitable for rust prevention of plastic moulds and die-casting moulds in production and storage. It also applies to rust prevention of other metal tools and parts.

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