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How to deburr in metal stamping parts
Apr 26, 2018

How to daeburr in metl stamping parts

Many metal processing factories often produce metal burrs when producing metal stamping products. Next, let's introduce how to remove burrs on metal stamping parts.

1:there is a tool to remove the burr of the metal stamping parts

  1. hole:use a chamfering tool or a larger diameter drill head.

  2. side:the use of files, oil stone, sandpaper,sharpening  stone.

  3. weleing slag: vibrating and slag removl tools can also remove brittle burrs.

  4. outer diameter: the guide angle of the lathe is carried out in the process of processing

  5. also polishing ,grinding, sandblasting, depends on what artifacts and product requirement.

Two: according to the product to decide the hardware staming parts burr process, if it is a singel product, just go by hand.

  1. use electrochemistry  to deburr. If self-ade equipment, the cost is not high, economical, efficient ans use.

  2.  vibrate grinding burrs(gear burrs), the efficiency is very high, the quality is also good.

  3. heat treatmerent parts can also be shot through burr,and can eliminate surface stress.

  4. not to contact with acid and alkali and other items, so as to avoid damage.

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