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Is the machine tool processing, is the precision and efficiency normal
May 16, 2018

Is the machine tool processing, is the precision and efficiency normal

The slow moving wire machine belongs to the high precision machining machine. It can achieve machining accuracy within 5 m, and the Ra can reach <0.2 m. Some die factories do not pay attention to details when using the slow moving wire machine, which means that the machine tool should be able to achieve high quality machining. In fact, the concept of precision machining must be established in precision machining.
First, process precondition
The jogging machine tool has a process parameter library, and the process parameters are usually obtained under specific conditions (such as workpiece material, electrode wire, temperature 20 + 3 C, humidity 40-80%, etc.). If the following conditions change or fail to meet the standard, it may lead to deviation of processing results.
1) flush specification: when the standard parameter is processed, the difference between the indicator value and the theoretical value should be less than 0.5bar.
2) the gap between the workpiece and the nozzle: 0.05~0.10mm;
3) normal yellow wire can be selected when the surface roughness is Ra > 0.35, and the same type of wire can be used (the same type of silk with machine tool random). When Ra<0.35 m, the galvanized wire is selected for good processing surface.
4) when finishing, ensure that the water is S<10, especially in the finishing process, please press the process parameters. When necessary, please replace the resin or pure water.

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