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Metal stamping die for the four major maintenance precautions
Nov 16, 2017

Many people know that in the production of metal stamping die need to machine maintenance, and careful inspection, in order to improve the die life, so as to improve production efficiency. Then we mainly understand the hardware stamping continuous die four maintenance points.

First, the maintenance of convex and concave die

1, when the concave and convex die disassembly, should pay attention to the original state of the mold, in order to facilitate the subsequent restoration of the mold; there is pad or shift, the thickness of the gasket should be engraved on the parts and record.

2, replace the punch to try to insert the block, the die is smooth, and try to insert and the mold cavity clearance is even; replace the concave die also try to insert and the punch gap is even.

3, for the grinding punch punch die to shorten the need to add gasket to reach the required length, should check the effective length of the punch is enough. Replace the broken punch to find out the reason, and check whether the corresponding die has a chipping edge, whether the need for grinding edges.

4. When assembling the punch, check whether the gap between the punch and the fixed block or the fixed plate is enough. If there is a press block, check whether there is an active margin. The die assembly should be the level of placement, and then flat iron into die surface, with a copper rod to tap in place, must not be inclined in strong, die bottom chamfer. After installation, check whether the die face is flat with the die surface.

5, punch die and die after assembly, to do the necessary checks on each part of care, whether with the wrong or against, check the concave die and a concave die block is installed anti dropping hole is blocked, the new parts need to steal materials, to steal material enough, need to die the locking part is locked.

Two. Maintenance of stripper plate

1. The disassembly of the stripper plate can be started by balancing with two screwdrivers and then pulling out the force with the balance of both hands. In case of disassembly difficulties, should check whether the mold clean, locking screws are all dismantled, whether the mold damage caused by card material, identify the reasons and then do the corresponding treatment, must not blindly deal with.

2. When the stripper plate is assembled, the punch and stripper plate are cleaned first, and the lubricating oil is added to the guide pin and the punch. The oil is placed smoothly and then pressed in place with both hands, and repeated several times. If it is too tight, we should find out the cause (whether the guide pin and guide sleeve are normal, whether the parts are damaged or not, whether the new punch can pass the stripper plate correctly, whether the position is correct), and then do the corresponding treatment.

3, the fixed plate with a press block, to check the back plate on the way is sufficient. The contact surface between the stripper and the die will produce indentation for a long time. When the indentation is serious, it will affect the pressing precision of the material and cause the product size to be abnormally unstable. Therefore, the stripper and stripper plate need to be repaired or re grinded.

4, high-precision sleeve should be inspected, it will lead to unequal high stripper tilt, its precision oriented steady pressure function will be destroyed, must be protected.

Three. Adjustment of die clearance

1, due to the combination of core core positioning hole frequent and wear, resulting in greater gap after assembly (assembly after loosening) or uneven gap (positioning deviation), can cause the cutting profile variation, punch is easily broken, burrs, through inspection of the profile punching, make appropriate clearance adjustment.

2, clearance hours, less cross-section, large gap, the cross section is more and larger burrs, to shift to get reasonable clearance. After adjustment, appropriate records should be made, marking on the edge of concave die can be done for subsequent maintenance work.

3, daily production should pay attention to collect the original mold better condition of the belt, such as subsequent production is not smooth or mold variation, can be used as a reference for mold maintenance.

4, in addition, the auxiliary system such as the top pin is worn, whether it can top material, whether the guide pin and Bush is worn out, should pay attention to inspection and maintenance.

Four. Guide position inspection

1, the guide pillar, guide sleeve fit gap, whether there is burns or traces of wear, mold oriented oil status is normal, should be checked.

2, the wear of the guide parts and the destruction of precision, so that the accuracy of the mold is reduced, the mold parts will have problems, must be properly maintained and regular replacement. Check the accuracy of the guide material, if the guide pin wear, has lost the proper belt lead precision and function, must be replaced. Check the status of the spring and the spring, whether to break or use for a long time, although not broken, but has been tired of losing the original strength, must be regularly maintained and replaced, otherwise it will cause damage to the mold or production is not smooth.

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