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How to strengthen the auto parts mold production management
Nov 16, 2017

Improve the quality of automobile parts mold production, save production costs, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, strengthen staff quality management awareness. It is the purpose of strengthening the production management of auto parts and moulds.

1. auto parts mold production should be in full accordance with the CAD design drawings, production error control in the drawings marked within the controllable range, to ensure the accuracy requirements of the mold.

2., establish an excellent team of mold testing, through effective, meticulous and rigorous testing methods to ensure the consistency of automotive parts mold drawings, processing technology.

3. establish a complete production process, process flow, inventory management process. Standard method for ensuring die production.

4. the development cost of each mold should be timely statistical summary report. Complete record of mold consumables, the number of tool use should be recorded on the worksheet. Strict mold accurate detection and efficient processing, to avoid the mold should change the design of the cost of expenditure.

5. overall management of mold production related staff, coordinated production step by step, to ensure the completion of delivery as scheduled.

6. prepare material list, standard room detail, self made parts list and so on, standardize production management of mould.

7., for some errors caused by the problem, parts department, not easy to scrap. It can be effectively compensated by various methods or later used in standby test.

Mold manufacturing enterprises should earnestly implement the above production management standards, improve the quality of mold production, enhance product competitiveness.

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