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How to calculate the cost of manufacturing stamping die
Nov 16, 2017

The manufacturing cost of stamping die mainly considers four factors.

First, the design cost of stamping die, mainly according to the complexity of product parts to measure the design workload, and then determine the design costs. Like the design of panel dies for automotive parts, the cost of design is quite expensive.

Two, stamping die itself material costs. After the mold design drawings come out, according to the mold structure procurement of appropriate materials, including stamping die material type and quantity. Different types of die steel materials, the price difference is great. Determine the material type, calculate the number of materials according to the shape of the mold, including excess consumable materials. For example, manufacturing a stamping die requires cutting a round piece on the die steel plate. So you have to consider the extra scrap you cut in the cost. In a word, the processing allowance should be fully considered in the stamping die processing.

Three 、 the processing method of stamping die. According to the accuracy of the product parts, we need to choose different processing methods, the accuracy is not high, we can use the general car washing bed, if the precision is high, we should use the CNC machining center. Such as automotive panel die, the need for foreign high-end CNC lathe using a model, model, with imitation milling and curved surface production, so the use of different processing equipment manufacturing stamping die, the cost is also different.

Four 、the debugging cost of stamping die. After stamping die manufacturing, it is necessary to debug, complex mold debugging is more troublesome, and the probability of success is also low, resulting in manpower, material resources is also larger.

Therefore, the mold manufacturers should fully consider the above four factors when quoting, to avoid losses.

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