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Automotive stampings and castings are those differences
Nov 16, 2017

Stamping is mainly classified according to the process, can be divided into separation process and forming process of two categories. The separation process is also called blanking, whose purpose is to make the stamping parts separate from the sheet metal along a certain contour line, while ensuring the quality requirements of the separation section. Stamping is an efficient production method. The compound die, especially the multi position progressive die, can be used to complete the multi stamping process on a press. The automatic production can be realized by uncoiling, leveling, blanking, forming and finishing. The production efficiency is high, the working condition is good, the production cost is low, generally can produce hundreds of pieces per minute. The purpose of forming process is to make the sheet metal deform without breaking the blank, and make the workpiece with the shape and size required. In practical production, a variety of processes are often applied to a workpiece. Blanking, bending, shearing, drawing, bulging, spinning and straightening are the main stamping workers.

The difference between automotive stampings and castings: thin, uniform, light, strong characteristics, stamping can produce other methods difficult to manufacture with stiffeners, ribs, ups and downs of the workpiece, in order to improve its rigidity. Due to the adoption of precision die, the precision of the workpiece can be up to micrometer, and the difference between heavy stamping parts and castings is thin, uniform, light and strong. Stamping can produce other workpieces which are difficult to be manufactured with stiffeners, ribs, ups and downs, so as to improve their rigidity. Due to the use of precision molds, the workpiece precision can reach micron level, and the repeatability is high, the specifications are consistent, can punch holes, convex and so on.

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