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Automotive stamping parts selection problem
Nov 16, 2017

The car is composed of metal stamping parts stamping parts automotive parts, its variety, such as spring, spring, spring seat tray bracket, cover, sealing and compression compression valve cover, valve sleeve, oil seal seat, a bottom cover, dust cover, impeller, oil cylinder, lug and bracket are auto stamping parts. In the selection of materials for automobile stamping parts, the metal materials with different mechanical properties are selected according to the types and characteristics of the automobile stamping, so as to ensure the quality of the product and save the material.

First, material selection should be reasonable

Reasonable selection of materials is an important and complicated work, cold stamping is mainly for steel sheet and strip steel accounted for 70% of the total consumption of the vehicle, the relationship between cold stamping materials and automotive stamping parts production close performance materials not only determine the product, but also directly affect the design process of automobile stamping process quality, cost, service life and production organization affect the product.

Two, three principles of material selection

(1) the selected materials should first meet the performance requirements of auto parts;

(two) the selected materials should have better technological properties;

(three) the selected materials should have better economy.

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