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Auto parts mold manufacturing process preparation requirements
Nov 16, 2017

Automobile parts mold manufacturing is a technical requirements of higher work, before manufacturing, should be prepared to ensure the smooth production of mold production, not to produce defective products.

1. seriously audit mold processing requirements, technical conditions, drawings and other technical data or production parts of some technical parameters.

2. auto parts mold process standards, and strive to coincide with the design benchmark. Make mold forming process, process method, mold elements composition and processing methods, determine processing equipment.

3., the choice of mold materials, production of different parts of the car can be used to choose different. The use of working parts requires higher hardness, recording the type of material, size, material, technical conditions and availability.

4. the assembly of automobile parts and the establishment of test process. Determine die assembly standard, assembly sequence, inspection method, test mold performance, acceptance standard.

5. determine rough machining allowance, finish machining standard, dimensional accuracy and dimensional tolerances of auto parts.

6. determine the cutting allowance according to the dimensional tolerances of each process.

7. according to the automobile parts mold process requirements, determine the production hours, ensure delivery according to the contract time.

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